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Ronald~ Roland 傻傻分不清楚!

Few years ago, my friend introducted a fella called Roland to me.

We sometimes talked on phone, meeting up when he's back from NZ.  
I seldom called his name, because I always called him 'sui zai'
and few times i MSN nudged him with "Hey, Ronald! Are you there" and he got no reply.
Until I called him "sui zai" again only he answered me.


I finally know why he ignore me when I called his name!


I called the wrong name! and he thought I called the wrong person.

I called him as Ronald, not Roland.
omg, I really tot his name is Ronald not Roland

Then yesterday he chop me off!

"Hello, we ady 5years friends, now only you noticed that my name is ROLAND not RONALD?"

wALAO..... Why his name so damn F confusing 1....until myself also confuse sometimes.
Whatever! I'll still called him Ronald! Because his contact saved as Ronald liaw!
I'm lazy to change it!!

PS:  Taiwan update soon..! Please wait!!!

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