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Good Bye, baby hime

I was actually decided to adopt a maltese puppy last week.
So me and my friend- chris-san went to a breeder' house for puppies hunting.
The breeder house is in Klang Aman Perdana, and her house has alots of puppiessssss...
Poodle, Chiwawa, maltese, terrier etc...

among of them, I spotted her!

She has a brother, but i like her because her attitude so lazy just like me!!
So I named her as Hime (Princess in Japs)
She's born on Jan 31 2010.
No enough 1 month.  Healthy and not so playful yet cuz sleeping like pig all the time.
 As when she opened her eyes, she will just come and lick my hand... *so sweet*


due to some reason, 
I forced to give up her.

I  may only can afford to buy her and giving her a very nice place to stay after 2,3years!

Hime, You're always in my mind!
I will get a maltese!

2 dreams:

Hi, just swinging by. The doggy is so cute. ;)


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