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花田裡的小戀人 - ぼくとひかりと園庭で

I'm finished vet on this book!! :)  Very short story but nice!
Story was talking about the two kids growth up in 1 night in their imagination / dream.
And they found each other really important and yet one of they best friend too..
Is abit like Triangle relationship but at last they able to be together.
They kissed each other before they leave their dream. 
*quite complicated too, so i read for many times to understand!*

Now I found the books in Eslite.
I definately will grab into my shopping cart for the chinese version 1. :)

Now .. a lilttle bit description in Chinese about the books for you guy:-
Enjoy the holiday with reading ya..^,^v


作者 / 石田衣良 Ishida, Ira
譯者 / 王蘊潔
出版社 / 皇冠文化出版有限公司
出版日期 / 2009/12/14
語言 / 中文/繁體



ISBN 13 /9789573326090
ISBN 10 /9573326094