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Pick, Pack, Go

Here you go, another post before my trip to TW...!!

Pinky kept on reminds me about her flight times...!
I will be waiting for her at Taipei but not TaoYuan..
We changed plan, because TaoYuan is too complicated liaw!!
 I rather to put my butt n wait for her at Taipei City!

Last week, one of my Shanghai' friend called...
Michael, he told me that he will be going to HK TOMORROW!!
So i told him i will be in Taipei, he told me then will fly to Taipei for a meet on Sunday together with Pinky...

I immediately fat din (mad) and said no!!!
As he's troublesome.. i'm not sure how will he be this time but me and pinky experienced how teapot (troublesome) is he ady in few years back while attended our senior wedding in Kobe, Japan.

so he called me again ask for the details  and pinky refused to told him too...
meoowww... i believe not every Shanghai people like him also right!!!   he's super duper teapot, man!!!!!!!

Then now back to my pickpackgo plan..!  Mama thought i'm going to camping.  She told me to bring milo, nescafe, bread, cakes, this and that...
when she put in my luggage, i unpack it the next day... so become like pack, unpacked, packed, and unpacked for my everynight...
Ok, mama.. this is not my 1st time go for backpacking... i will take good care of myself, and i promise u k!!!
i will bring some milo, medics, warmer, enuf clothes as per your request.   i will on my cellphone everyday and skype you everynight..! i can understand how worse is the nightmare when children leave the house, i understand mama... So, i will call her for everynight...
just though to peace her mind to letting me go to enjoy my holiday!!
I'll be fine!!   Of course, i will as my cousin in Taiwan to prove it for me too when i meet him up in TW. 

Today is to celebrate me n my dear anniversary....   can't hardly wait to see him now..!!  *-^/v

Meoooww... tomorrow got to wake up @ 5am....  !! must rest kaokao before fly!!!

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